Job Management,
Equipment & Vehicle
Preventative Maintenance,
and Reporting at Your Fingertips

Drill Down & Gain Valueable Insight With Our Innovative Software

We are committed to eliminating mountains of paperwork for those in the blasting and construction industries. Our robust and user-friendly web-based solution can streamline the entire blasting and preventative maintenance processes. Our software enables a simple workflow process by providing speed, accuracy, and convenience to users in the office and out in the field. We give you the tools to take control of your business and see things from a new, data-driven perspective. At a glance, you can easily see how each job is progressing, or which machines in your fleet need attention, providing you the information you need to be more efficient and proactive.

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Blaster Data Entry
Equipment Inspection Checklist
Driller Data Entry
Jobsite Equipment List
Equipment Location Map
Shot Summary Report
Scheduled Maintenance
Drilling Log
Active Jobs Map
Shot Timing Layout

Take Back Your Time With Our Innovative Paperless Solution

Blasting Insight Module

  • Track All Active Jobs - View Active Job Locations on Interactive Map
  • Design and View Blast Layout, Drilling Log, Load Plan, and Timing Layout from Anywhere
  • Say 'Goodbye!' to Lost Paperwork
  • Direct Communication Between Blasters and Drillers
  • Secure Electronic Signatures Added to All Documents
  • Auto Calculation of Cubic Yards of Rock and Dirt, Lineal Feet, and Square Feet Per Hole and Shot

Preventative Maintenance Module

  • Ensure Daily Maintenance and Inspections are Completed
  • View Equipment Location on Interactive Map
  • Ability to Prioritize Maintenance Work Orders (Color coded - Green, Yellow, Red, and Purple)